About Butch Corrington

Custom mesquite furniture, handcrafted by Butch Corrington, reflects his love and appreciation for the woods that he grew to know while managing lumber yards in Texas and California. As the manager of lumber yards for thirty years, Corrington was exposed to all kinds of woods, and began creating handcrafted furniture on the side. In those days, Corrington worked mainly with pine, oak and poplar. He used mortise and tenon joinery for the framework for his furniture, and dovetail joinery for the drawers.  In other words, his finished pieces are very tight, smooth, precise and simply gorgeous.  

About five years ago, after retiring from the lumber business, Butch and his wife, Donna, moved to Williams, Arizona.  A friend introduced him to a "cowboy/preacher" from Wickenburg who cut and milled mesquite wood to slabs of rough lumber that he found on the ranch where he worked.  The cowboy/preacher's son was also a woodworker and used mesquite lumber to make furniture.  At the same time, Corington recalls, "I had just read an article in 'Woodworker' magazine about a blanket chest project I wanted to make that was made with mesquite wood." Suddenly he put two and two together and jumped in his truck and drove one hundred thirty miles to Wickenburg to get some mesquite lumber for his project.

However, after about two hours of sorting through all the stacks of lumber, Corrington began to feel that maybe this is not the best lumber choice to build furniture out of.  All Corrington could see were the knots, the splits and the blemishes that he felt were unbearable.  Not wanting to go home empty-handed, Corrington decided to give it a try. Wow! Was he glad he did! All those same knots, splits and blemishes turned out to be the very features that make each piece of custom mesquite furniture unique.


Shannon Gurley O’Donnell

Watercolors — Oils — Acrylics

About Shannon Gurlley O’Donnell

Shannon started painting in her early 20’s after making an offhand comment to a budding young musician, "If the desire is there, the gift is there,” Later, standing in her kitchen playing with children’s watercolors to illustrate her poetry, she realized how much she had always longed to be an artist. In that moment, she realized her words of encouragement applied to her.

Shannon’s paintings reflect her diversity, everything from children, still lifes, landscapes to nudes and bold, daring abstracts. Her multi-faceted life and deep philosophical nature imbue her work…the energy and essence of her love for life and for her subjects is tangible. Community college classes, training at Scottsdale Artists’ School and private lessons enable her to capture her subjects on a physical as well as a more intuitive, emotional level. Shannon paints what she senses in addition to what she sees. Her paintings reach beyond - to a place of knowing…

Born and raised in Gallup, New Mexico, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1983 where she lives with her husband and tow sons. Her early adulthood was spent in the corporate arena, painting for fun on the side. Several years ago, she reevaluated and reprioritized her life to spend more time with her family. Now that her kids are older and she can spend more time pursuing her love of painting, Shanon paints professionally. She treasures the fact that so many people enjoy and are deeply touched by her paintings.